" She takes the crying baby into her arms, turns her back on the hysterical mother, and walks off into the night. If she's caught, she and the baby will die."
-Irena Sendler

Once the families saw that people were being deported into concentration camps, parents began to worry. Many of them had the money to send their children off to other families, even some in France . Others did not have the money and their children had to survive in the woods, living day by day with the fear of execution hanging over them. Some people did not understand why these parents would send their children away, they thought the families should stick together; others did not understand how you could keep your children with you and not send them away to a safer place.

Time Line:
+1939- Jack Brumfield's town was invaded by the Nazis.
1940- Henriette Parker and her parents arrived in Paris at the same time it was being taken over, so they had to go into hiding immediately.
1940- Toni Rinde and her family had to start going into hiding.
+1941- Stan Rubens father and he went into hiding.
+1941- Ruth Kapp learns she cannot use her real name anymore, and has to go into hiding.
+1941- Isaac Millman and his parents left their home and went into hiding, until when his parents were taken away from him.
+1942- Frida Weinstein was sent off to a French Convent in order to hide her.
+1942- Simon Jeruchim and his family went into hiding with family friends.
+1942- Anne Frank and her family left their home and went into hiding in her dad's office.
+1943- Paul Schwarzbart was hidden in the Ardennes by the Jewish underground at the Home Reine Elizabeth
+1944- Freida Weinberg survived the genocide living in a banana tree.
+1947-Toni Rinde emigrated to the US
+1961- Frida Weinstein emigrated back to the US.

" Save one life, save the world."
-Nicholas Winton