"Promise me my child will live! the mother cries desperatly after her. She turns for a moment. "I can't promise that. But I can promise that if he stays with you, he will die."
-Irena Sendler
"Approximately 1,200,000 Jewish children were deported and murdered by the Nazis and their collaborators in the Holocaust of World War II. These children were those under the age of 14, many of them babies. An estimated 20,000 to 30,000 children survived the war in hiding.The parents of the children that were hidden were able to find them someone to stay with (a non-Jewish person or family, a Christian institution, some even stayed with other Jewish families or were hidden on farms) with whom they could live without their Jewish heritage becoming known."

This past summer I went to the United States Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. It was extremely moving learning about everything that the people went through. It helped to teach me about tolerance and anti-racism. When I found out about this years theme I thought this topic of The Hidden Children of the Holocaust would be very fitting. The quote " Save one life, save the world." really touched my heart.

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