With the help of Nicholas Winton and many others, many of these children went on to be significant contributors to society. Some of the successful children are listed below:

Nicolas Winton was a single 29 year old Englishman that visited Prague right before the war broke out. He displayed humanity at its best, by rescuing 669 Jewish Children from certain death by getting them adopted into English and Swedish families.

Here are a few of the Children:
"Tom Gravman-Male Nurse of USA "
"Joesph Ginat- Engineer in Israel "
"Vera Gissing- Writer for Great Britain "
"Karl Reisz- Film Director for Great Britain "
"Tom Scharecher- Publisher of Australia
"Lord Alfred Dubs- Ex-minister and member of Parliament of Great Britain "

Other Children:
"Ruth Hartz- Member of Pennsylvania Holocaust Education Task Force"
"Simon Jeruchim- Noted package designer specializing in the creation of new lines of fragrance and cosmetics "
"Stan Rubens-Staying busy in Honolulu and Las Vegas, pursuing his musical career"
"Toni Rinde-Attended Drexel Institute of Technology in Philadelphia to become a Medical Technologist in Hematology"
"Miriam Schlezinger-Went to night school to learn English, and then took a beauty school course. To get her certificate, she had to pass an exam in English. She got married to a guy named Joe and had two daughters and is now living in Havana Florida"
"Freida Weinberg- On the Opera Winfrey show, speaks on other talk shows"